About Small Business Smart Business

Small Business Smart Business is a Geelong Chamber of Commerce initiative that brings quality low cost resources to small businesses to help them start, grow, consolidate and reinvent.

The overall purpose of the program is to help businesses build sustainable platforms for growth and, ultimately, employ and contract to other people and businesses from the region.

Small Business Smart Business works with businesses based in the City of Greater Geelong, as well as businesses within the shires of Surf Coast and Golden Plains, and the Borough of Queenscliffe.

Any business from ‘intending to start’ to ‘employing up to 20 employees’ is eligible to access the services of Small Business Smart Business – in short, we will support any business where the business owner is serious about growing their business.

Small Business Smart Business offers a range of services including:

  • Individual Mentoring – small business owners can access an expert mentor with the specific skills to help them overcome the roadblock that’s stopping their business growing or moving forward. These sessions cost just $90 plus GST for up to one hour with an expert mentor.
  • Small Group seminars – these are two-hour tutorials for up to 10 businesses on a range of topics presented by an expert presenter.
  • Business Circles – These comprise of groups of 10 businesses, who meet once-a-month for five months for business-building topics and information. Business Circles are led by an industry expert who presents information and facilitates lively, relevant discussion.
  • The Build Your Business Program – this is a face-to-face intensive program consisting of group learning and mentoring across the following topics: management capabilities; building your business; digital engagement and implementation; making the most of your team; and funding avenues, grants and financial analysis. In addition to the seminars, each program participant will also receive a mentoring session each month to assist the small business owner to implement what they’ve learned.

How can small business owners access services? All eligible small businesses need to do is contact the Small Business Smart Business program via email or phone 03 5222 2234.